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About us

we provide the best quality

Our Vision


We always strive to provide the best quality to meet our customers’ needs. To make a healthy food 100

Our Mission


Our vision is to invade large and emerging markets around the world with a plan and strategy built on
scientific foundations. Our goal is to create a healthy and secure world for all customers in the world.
We are ready to go as far as possible to search for the finest products. to put it to customers.

Operating Strategy


All our products are picked from our own disputes and the farms we oversee that are centered in the
heart of the Egyptian countryside. The factory is also close to our farms to ensure their freshness. We
have production lines for all stages of the product. We do the freezing process in a way (iqf) and (plast.)
and we have extensive experience in packaging operations to meet the need of the market and ensure
that the product is kept in the best condition.


  • yes we export, import and distribution.
  • yes our products is good quality.
Is product quality is perfect ?
About us

Qitaf Sham

Qitaf Sham is an Egyptian company registered in international manufacturing, trade, export, import
and distribution. It is a leading company in the field of vegetables and frozen and dried fruits. We are
proud of our commitment to provide high quality products to our customers. By relying on advanced
conservation techniques. We freeze and dry our fruits and vegetables at the height of their freshness,
and ensure that they retain their flavor and nutritional value. We export our products from our farms to
the customer and work closely to make sure that we offer our customers the best possible products.
With a wide range of frozen and dried fruits and vegetables, we are sure that we have something for

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About us